Miniature Teddy


Pygmy Hedgehogs love to be comfortable, that’s why most people give them fleece to live and sleep in and lots of cosy blankets. Another thing most hedgehogs like to do is carry a little companion around with them! Many hedgehog owners provide their little friend with a little friend of it’s own!  You must be careful, when you’re choosing a soft toy for your pygmy hedgehog, that it is safe. Make sure it cant chew bits off it, if it has stringy bits on, they could get caught in your pets throat, if it has beads on (for eyes & nose) your pet can choke on them. We sell a tiny teddy that is just right as a hedgehog toy. This little guy is 4.5cm with no damaging parts and he’s super cute! We also provide FREE DELIVERY! Make an order above and your miniature teddy will be posted to you in the next 24 hours! (UK only)

Available in the UK only.